Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Graduate Symposium and Autonomy Summer School (Updated)

Things have been a bit slow recently, but the third annual Graduate Symposium will take place in Nijmegen on Friday, June 17. At this symposium, Dutch (Research) MA students specializing in modern and contemporary art will present their 'theses-in-progress'.

From July 6 to 10, there will be a second Autonomy Summer School, which will take place at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. This summer school is part of of the Autonomy Project, an initiative of the Van Abbemuseum and a number of art schools and art history departments the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The Dutch art history departments are represented by the PMK.

The Autonomy Project aims to foster reflection on the history as well as the potential contemporary significance (or use value) of the notion of autonomy. In the Summer School, students can participate in a number of practice- and theory-based workshops. More information about the contents will follow soon.

From the 8th the 9th of October, the Autonomy project will go public with a large conference in Eindhoven, with speakers including Andrea Fraser, Jacques Rancière, Gerald Raunig, Hito Steyerl and Thomas Hirschhorn.

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